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Seth Young

From the Desk of: Seth Young
RE: The Biblical Hebrew course that you have been waiting for!


My name is Seth Young. You probably know me because I teach Hebrew to tens of thousands people like you -- via my courses, web sites, email lists, Facebook pages and more.

I have great news: If you are a student of the Hebrew Bible (the Tanach) like I am, then I would like to introduce you to “Read the Hebrew Bible”, one of the most effective Biblical Hebrew courses ever developed.

I know that is a pretty ambitious claim, but it is not just my opinion. It is based on the phenomenal feedback we have received from among the 1000+ paying students who have participated in the course.

The yellow box to the right shows some of the amazing comments we have received from our students.

Why Is This Course Different?

To help you understand why this Hebrew course is truly different from almost any other course first I have to tell you 3 little "secrets":

Secret #1:

I grew up in a non-observant Jewish home and received only a minimal Jewish education as a child. I barely knew ANY Hebrew.

Then, as a young adult I became an observant Jew and spent a lot of time around other observant Jews who had received a full Jewish education. Their Hebrew skills especially were light years ahead of mine.

This was very difficult for me. Sometimes I even felt humiliated by my lack of knowledge. Maybe you can relate to that?

I quickly realized that I needed to learn Hebrew and the Jewish texts like the Hebrew Bible (Tanach) in the original Hebrew. That was the only way to "catch up" on what I was missing.

Which leads us to the next "secret":

Secret #2:

I was very bad at learning Hebrew.

Actually I was a very dedicated and committed student. But I discovered that I am very bad at some aspects of language acquisition.

Still, I persisted. I devoted years of my life and tried many different methods for improving my Hebrew until I finally became fluent.

I saw what worked and what didn't. Through my struggles I became an expert in learning Hebrew! And that is how I became one of the world's leading Hebrew teachers.

Which brings us to the last "secret":

Secret #3:

Almost all professional Hebrew teachers learned Hebrew as children, not as adults.

They are wonderful, well-meaning people but they simply can not relate to the process that you are going through learning Hebrew as an adult. How could they?

If you have been struggling to learn Hebrew and have not had a lot of success so far, that might be part of the reason why.

The Solution:

In Read the Hebrew Bible I will show you the way that I myself learned the Bible in Hebrew when I was going through the same process that you are going through now.

But I do NOT want you to have to struggle to learn Hebrew like I did. So I will teach you in a way that you will read and understand God's word, in the original Hebrew, starting from the very first lesson!

Are you ready for the satisfaction, the thrill, that comes with understanding God's Bible in Hebrew, the way it was meant to learned?

Here is How It Works:

My teaching method is so simple you will wonder why everyone doesn't teach this way:

  • You will read and understand the Hebrew Bible immediately. You will be learning Biblical Hebrew directly from the texts of the Hebrew Bible. Doesn't that make sense? Isn't that what you have been looking for?

  • You will understand what every word means and why.  Through my simple yet comprehensive explanations you will truly understand God's word. No book or translation can come close to the level of explanations in our course.

  • You will understand what the Bible itself says -- not what a translator decided that it means or reworded for stylistic reasons. Unlike every other translation, every word is translated with an absolute minimum of interpretation and stylistic changes. Not only will you better understand what the text means, you will be able to see important nuances in the text that are totally lost in translations.

  • You will hear the Bible read in Hebrew by an Israeli so you will know how to say every word properly.

  • You will improve your Hebrew vocabulary with the important words that you are mostly likely to see again. We will tell you what to focus on so that your Hebrew will improve as quickly as possible.

  • No more memorizing boring grammar rules that you will rarely use. You will learn only the grammar you need to know.

You will agree that this is the way Hebrew is meant to be taught. I wish that someone had taught me this way!

It's really excellent the way you have set up the learning program, with the indicator helping to follow, and with your grammatical explanations.

Xanthe L'Amour
Coffs Harbour, Australia

Here is What You Get:

  • A unique, multi-part lesson with new material each week.

  • 24/7 access. All classes are prerecorded and available on our site so that you can watch them whenever YOU want, as often as you like. Never miss a class again!

  • Pause, rewind and fast-forward each video lesson to learn at your own pace.

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home or office. Access the course via the Internet from anywhere in the world. Plus you can download the course materials to your mobile device and learn while traveling or even at the beach.

  • Get the answers you need from our support staff of Hebrew Bible experts in Israel.

  • No huge up-front charges! You pay just one month at a time.

  • You are never locked-in -- cancel at any time. YOU decide how long you will be in the course; you can cancel your own membership whenever you like. Or ask us to cancel it and we will do so promptly.

Free Bonus

When you join you also get free access to our Hebrew Handwriting (script) mini-course, a $27 value.

Be "cool" -- Learn to read and write Modern Hebrew script like Israelis do. This mini-course makes it fast and easy to learn.

Just some of the unsolicited comments from our students that you will see in the course:

"I have wanted to learn Hebrew for a long time. Your course is brilliant. Please don't change anything."

"All in all I am loving this course. It's one of the highlights of my day, week, and year!"

"This is great! It's as good as I hoped it would be. There's something so special about reading Torah as it was written, and as it has been read for thousands of years. What an awesome connection..... Perfect!"

"Well, to say we are excited about this course is an understatement... This is what my son is saying, 'Mom, it is AWESOME!' and 'Can I take another lesson?' You just can't beat that! We are so excited. Thank you, thank you for the wonderful program. p.s. I am taking the program also and am just amazed at what I already know after just a couple of days!"

"I am impressed and humbled. This is a true blessing being able to read Hebrew and work my way through the Word of Father....This insight into the heart of our Father is mind blowing. Seth, thank you and I pray that you and your family walk in the Blessing of our Father in heaven."

"I have reviewed the first few lessons of this course (more later!), and I can highly recommend it to students... It is a wonderful way to study the Tanakh."

"LOVING the course - thank you for all you do!"

"I like your teaching manner... clear, slow, supportive."

"Thank you thank you thank you. I'm so grateful!!! There's just something about your voice and style - I love the lessons - can't wait to go from each one on to the next one."

"This is wonderful. I've been trying to learn by reading books on my own and you've already answered several questions I had that I couldn't figure out and had no one to ask."

"Thank you for this great and wonderful program."

"This course is EXACTLY what I wanted and need to go deeper and grow... an investment with rewards!"

"This is exactly what I've been looking for in Tucson, Az. and online, plus I have several books that I've studied too. I want and need to know what the Torah really says in the original language. Todah Rabbah."

"I just finished these first videos in Read the Hebrew Bible. I am amazed at how much I have learned already. I was watching a news story last night and there was a banner in Hebrew in the background and I had read 2 words before I realized what I was doing! Thanks so much."

"I wanted to thank you for the Bible Course. It has helped me a lot in my faith. I am a Christian (a Roman Catholic Priest) and your knowledge of the Bible and your fidelity to your Jewish faith has been a great help to me. Keep up the good work."

"I am overwhelmed and happy to take part in this course. Thanks for now! And a great abundant blessing I pray will overflow in your life for opening this holy gate for us."

"This is what makes it all come together! Reading the original, seeing a transliteration and having a fairly true translation of the passages makes all the more exciting and rewarding. I truly do like it and am enjoying it immensely."

"Todah Seth: I too am an older woman, I've taught for over 27 years many biblical courses, but my heart yearned for the true original Hebrew Torah. You are a great teacher, I loved your translation not interpretation- It's exactly what I've searched for!!!!"

"WOW WOW WOW is all I can Say -- You've really OUTDONE YOURSELF -- This is by far the best that I've ever done -- top notch keep up the great work."

"The lessons are perfect, and you deserve much in the way of our thanks and gratitude. Being a Bible Teacher, I am familiar with how very much work goes into a teaching project. To make it easy and slow takes a great deal of work, and much detail on your part. The care and time you have invested is evident and you have done a remarkable job. The translation was amazing, and I was sitting, but you get a standing ovation from me."

"Thank you For All You've Done. I think this is ONE OF THE BIGGEST MITZVAHS ANYONE COULD DO FOR HIS FELLOW MAN!! I'm sure you will reap MANY rewards Both in this World & The World To Come."

And many, many more!

How Much Is Understanding
God's Word Worth To You?

I know how much you want to understand what the Bible really says. I know because I myself have spent over 20 years learning Hebrew and studying the Bible in the original Hebrew. I want to make it easy for you to be able to understand the Bible in Hebrew like I now can.

I know how expensive online language courses can be. Competing courses can cost $100/month! And a decent Bible tutor could cost $50 or more for just one hour. That is a lot of money for many people these days!

My dream in creating this course is to make God's word accessible to you and as many people as possible.

So I am NOT going to charge $100/month like some of our competitors.

Not even $77/month.

Not even $57/month.

Instead, when you sign up today you will get the free bonus above worth $27 and access to our course for just...

$0 for 7 days and then just $37 $27/month.

That's right, there is a FREE Trial for 7 days and then it will cost just $27/month should you continue.

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!

Read the Hebrew Bible comes with a 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee, as is our policy for all our courses.

If you change your mind for any reason (or no reason) in the first 30 days after the free trial, just tell us and you will get every cent of your money back.

So you can test-drive the course with no risk. And you can cancel at any time, too.

Your Payment is Safe and Secure

We use PayPal for processing membership payments. PayPal is one of the most well-known, trusted, and safe ways to buy online. Your payment information is never revealed to us or anyone else. And PayPal lets you cancel your own subscription with or without our help or consent.

Feel safe knowing that your payment is being processed by the experts. And that you will never have to beg someone to cancel your subscription should you decide to stop.

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